Ithaca - 'Ulysses' - James Joyce

1am - 2am
'The House'
Bloom - Ulysses
Stephen - Telemachus
Boylan - Eurymachus
Suitors - scruples
reason - bow
-- Skeleton
Art/Science: Science

This episode is presented as a series of questions and answers, the
answers answered by an apparantly objective (scientific?) voice. The
reader (besides following Bloom and Stephen drinking cocoa and conversating
learns all about the Dublin Waterworks, falling Bloom, the inventory
of Bloom's kitchen, his bookshelf and his private drawers.
Ithaca starts with the arrival at Bloom's house and Bloom 'devises a
strategem' to get into the house without keys and without waking Molly.
Bloom pours the cocoa in two identical cups and gives his guest Molly's
precious breakfast cream. Bloom also offers Stephen a room for the night
which Stepen declines. When Stephen leaves, the two mediate about the
stars and the relationship between moon and woman.
Bloom, exhausted, returns to bed, notes the imprint of Boylan on the sheets
kisses Molly (thus rejecting violence) and falls asleep dreaming of Sinbad the