Monday, April 30th
Catbox, around 16:00 AT (Atlantic Time) - After Hooverdirt's loud playing of La Creation du Monde (tableau 2), Ouroboros announced that the 'current violist was replaced by a saxophonist'. Aggravated by this unbelievable action, Hooverdirt immediately declared war on Ouroboros by playing Harsanyi's Le Tourbillon Mecanique.
While Ouroboros readied his propellors on a remark to find George Antheil's CDs, Hooverdirt's infantery crossed Ouroboros's borders, guided by the marching tunes from Hanns Eisler's Dans les Rues. However, Ouroboros (who appeared to know the latest Modernistic percussive tactics) commanded his forces to strike back with an evasive attack on Romanticism by heralding Hindemith's Kammerkonzertes.
After a sudden retreat of Hooverdirt's forces on Verklärte Nacht around the fields of Schoenberg, Hooverdirt's artillery fired some of Revueltas 's Sensemaya nodeshells. A sudden counterstrike from Ouroboros's Steve Reich tunes was answered with a last minute Dave Brubeckian flank attack.
Knowing that a musical warfare-expert like Ouroboros might exhaust his resources, Hooverdirt, accompanied by the last note of La Creation du Monde (which was naturally played by Ouroboros's saxophonist), finally decided to sign peace with Ouroboros. Ouroboros confirmed to close this shameless page in E2's History by announcing peace in harmony between the two Modernists and acknowledging Hooverdirt's Music-Fu.