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A tale of [Carrot boy]'s adventures, by [James Kochalka Superstar]. If not for a few [naughty bits] this could pass for a kid's album. There's a dozen-page comic insert with the CD, and the entire CD repeats without [vocals] so that you, too, may sing along. Wild!

  1. [Overture to Carrot Boy]
  2. [Genius] (the scientist loathes humanity)
  3. [Army] (a great plan forms)
  4. [Mrs. Potter's Garden] (the scientist hops the fence)
  5. [Stormy Weather] (the townspeople are afraid)
  6. [Drink Water] (plants soak up the rain)
  7. [The Secret Origin of Carrot Boy] (carrot boy sings to mrs. potter)
  8. [The Argument] (good vs. evil)
  9. [Hey Kitty!] (carrot boy makes a friend)
  10. [Crumple] (playing with a piece of paper)
  11. [Pathetic] (the scientist has hurt feelings)
  12. [Explosion] (the scientist hurts the kitty)
  13. [Kitty in a Coma] (carrot boy cries)
  14. [The Miracle] (kitty wakes up)
  15. [She Loves Me] (the kitty and carrot boy together again)
  16. [Why Can't We All Be Carrot Boy?] (all's well that ends well)
  17. [twenty seconds of silence]
  18. [introduction to instrumental tracks]
  19. [Overture to Carrot Boy] (instrumental)
  20. [Genius] (instrumental)
  21. [Army] (instrumental)
  22. [Mrs. Potter's Garden] (instrumental)
  23. [Stormy Weather] (instrumental)
  24. [Drink Water] (instrumental)
  25. [The Secret Origin of Carrot Boy] (instrumental)
  26. [The Argument] (instrumental)
  27. [Hey Kitty!] (instrumental)
  28. [Crumple] (instrumental)
  29. [Pathetic] (instrumental)
  30. [Explosion] (instrumental)
  31. [Kitty In A Coma] (instrumental)
  32. [The Miracle] (instrumental)
  33. [She Loves Me] (instrumental)
  34. [Why Can't We All Be Carrot Boy?] (instrumental)

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