Last night I bumped into my next-door neighbour Jenny.
She had been gardening all day, and I noticed she had pruned all of her rose bushes. (She has a lot of rose bushes). I said, "Hey, you pruned your roses"
and she said something like, "Yes, if I prune them all at the same time, they should all bloom at the same time".

I thought that made sense, and trying to keep the chit-chat going I asked, "So when will they bloom?"
and she replied "Melbourne Cup Day."

I was intrigued, as this was fairly specific information. So I said "Really? Can you really be sure about that?" And here's what she said - "I was listening to the radio one time, and the gardeners from Flemington Racecourse were on, and they said that if you prune your roses on July the 1st, they'll bloom on Melbourne Cup Day. So I tried it last year, and sure enough! They bloomed on the first Tuesday in November". Well, I was amazed. How do the roses know it's when it's Tuesday?