"Shazbot" is an alien cuss word. For definitive proof we need only to refer to a Halloween episode of The Simpsons wherein Kang and Kodos descend to (materialize in?) the desert and one says to the other, as they stick out what could possibly be their thumbs, "Remember. We are newlyweds on our way to Earth Capital." When a car passes them by, he continues: "Shazbot."

This brings the grand total to three well-known television alien personalities who have all used the exclamation "Shazbot." Mork (of Mork and Mindy fame) was reputedly the first to reveal this linguistic novelty to the loyal viewers of the show. Next, the Coneheads of SNL fame let it slip. Finally, Kang and Kodos revealed their vulgar side on The Simpsons.

As is television weren't enough proof, we can also look to other forms of documented alien intelligence, namely first-person shooters involving interplanetary warfare. Specifically, we need only to look at Starsiege Tribes to find the expletive (which has been tastefully censored).