More computer problems.

Yesterday was stressful. I got home from work to find my machine still on. This is really unusual as I make a point of checking that things are powered off and windows and doors are locked before I leave the house. I was intrigued enough to poke around the system. I discovered that the recently-installed virus checker was disabled. The firewall was disabled. Windows even said that the FTP service was running. This was not good.

A quick damage assesment revealed that most of my files seemed to be intact. It was simply a matter of restarting the virus checker and firewall, stopping the FTP service and resuming my evening I decided to relax by firing up Quake, but the bot was no longer there. In fact, when I quit Quake and checked the installed files, I found that the entire bot directory was missing. What was worse was that I could not reinstall it from the CD. I am a bit concerned that someone may have copied it from my machine.

This morning I'm feeling a little bit guilty for not protecting my system well enough. I feel like I've let down the company which very kindly offered me a place in this beta programme. I decided to write them an email, explaining what has happenned. I'll probably write it in the gaps in my work day.

I should also reinstall Windows as soon as possible.

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