The Quake 3 bot I've been waiting for arrived on a CD this morning. It was sent first class, so either the postal system took too long to deliver it or the lab in Cambridge posted it on Saturday. Neither would surprise me.

I was actually hoping they would post it on Friday and it would get here on Saturday. That would have given me a chance to play around with it over the weekend. Oh well. I was in a rush this morning but I left the CD by my front door so I won't forget it when I go home tonight. Not that I'm likely to forget about it. I've never been so excited about a Quake bot before. In fact I haven't been so excited about anything for a long time.

I was so tempted to bring it, and Quake, into work, "just for the lunch hour". I'm sure I could get away with installing it here. Jeff must need a break from counterstrike in the afternoons by now surely! It's not like anyone else does any work here. I've enjoyed being busy though. I also worry that if I start slacking it would become a habit, like Jeff and his 7 months of solid slacking. I also considered just bringing in the bot CD to show Jeff. I know he's got Quake III (among many many other things) on his hard disk. I'm sure he'd be interested in this bot. It's a bit of proof of concept technology from a British research company who specialise in AI. Using Quake III as an engine for an intelligent agent demo is such a cool idea and I'm immensely excited about being chosen to take part in the beta. I decided I didn't feel like sharing this with Jeff. From the tone of the email I got last week, and the fact that they chose to send out the bot demo as a CD rather than a download, I think this company would rather I didn't start distributing it.

There was something a little odd though. Inside the envelope with the CD was a slip of paper that seemed completely out of place. It said "ka|n, Here's the ISO you asked for, hope it's all as you wanted it. Thanks - jenSis" I haven't got a clue who those people are, I'm assuming it was some sort of mistake.

Anyway, I'll update you on how the bot plays when I get chance to try it.

I wonder how good it is.

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