Well it's been another fairly uninteresting day at work for everyone else, but I guess I learned a lot. The bloke I share an office with is a real education. He greeted me this morning as I came in with some fact about the computing power required to get to the moon compared to the computing power required to run windows, then he spent the rest of the morning posting to usenet. I can't do that yet, we've got a fairly tight firewall, but he's worked something out to get around it.

I don't have time anyway. I still don't know much about the systems I'm supposed to be using, they apparently have a bigger budget to spend on people sitting around half confused than they do for training.

Jeff, the bloke I sit next to, says that he's not done any work at all for 7 months and he's making a concerted effort to go for a complete year.

The tube has started depressing me in the mornings. I start to imagine zoning around each of the people like the personal shields from Dune, or on Simcity 2000. That man is clearly industrial and the woman over there looks like a residential area to me. Keep them separate, but not far from a road.

I haven't played Sim City for ages, since Jeff got me into Quake III Arena it's been mainly that, but only having a modem means I can't play as much as I'd like. I'm looking forward to getting this new bot to play against at home, should arrive in the post soon. Of course, Jeff plays at work in the afternoons...

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