It's been a long time since I was on E2. I feel like I've been really busy recently, but when I look back on it my life has settled down somewhat in the past few months. When I first joined E2 I had recently become unemployed, having found no real work since graduation. I'm pleased to say that although I didn't get the technical writer job I mentioned (Dec 6th) I did find another job shortly afterwards.

I now work as a programmer. I'm only supposedly on a short-term contract, but I've been there for nearly six months now and I'm really enjoying it. It's a programming job with a big British high street chemists.

I received a very exciting email this morning. Some time ago, when I was still working on my degree, I signed up for a mailing list with a small research company based in Cambridge. They are into AI and intelligent agents and so on.. subjects quite closely related to my degree project. The mailing list seemed to go pretty much dead around the time I graduated, so I'd forgotten all about it. The email indicated that they had been working on a bot for Quake III, and needed some beta testers. I eagerly replied, expected to be sent a link to a download site. Instead they emailed back asking for my mailing address. They're going to post out a CD! Snail mail! How quaint. I imagine the necessity for the physical media will act as some kind of security measure. There were verbose warnings in the confirmation email about distribution. It's quite a small beta test group and I think they're keen not to spread the bot around too widely just yet. I can't wait for that CD to arrive.

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