Last night I had a really weird dream. I was in a heavy suit of armour. It was hard to move around, but I could cover large distances with a each stride. The suit was cold where it touched my body, and I realised that I was wearing only three pairs of socks inside. (I don't know how I knew that I had three pairs of socks on, I just knew.)

I suddenly saw through the slits in my visor an enormous Cat with which, for some reason, I had to do battle. It actually reminded me a little bit of my landlady's cat, which is kind of tatty, and in need of a good bath. It also had the same evil look in its eye, except that the eye was huge and at least 15 foot above me. The visor restricted my vision, and made it hard to see all of my enormous moggy opponent without madly turning my head around all the time. When the giant cat started to strike - although I was wearing thick armour - I could feel each scratch the cat made on my chest and arms. Trying to fight it off was making me panic. It's fishy breath was condensing on the inside of my suit of armour. That made me feel even less secure.

All at once, it threw me from the horse that I realised I'd been riding, and put one foot on my chest. It's purr shook the whole world.

The inside of the visor was acting something like a screen: a sort of heads up display. With X-Ray vision I could see the cat had a fish bone stuck in its throat. This proved to be the puss's downfall. I was moving faster, and with a swift arm movement I jabbed the correct part of the cat's neck - pushing the bone further into the tender flesh...

It didn't even seem to notice!

But then... just as the cat was about to bring it's paw down to kill me, I saw that on the underside of it's paw was written these words:

"Though a million have tried, more have failed, with every fight, I grow stronger."
Suddenly, I realised that I could apply that to me, rather than to the cat, and the collossal cat was suddenly as small and hairless as a small baby rat. I tied a red bow around it's tail, and put in my pile of Christmas presents, thinking "another one taken care of". This one was going to be given to my landlady.

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