Once upon a time, in a timeframe virtual to us, God got angry at Lucifer, because Lucifer had left a fiery graffiti on the wall, proclaiming "God can't be omniscient and omnipotent at the same time." Lucifer explained that in order to be omnipotent, God would have to be able to prevent bad events from happening, but to prevent them, he would have to be omniscient by anticipating them in detail; however, just like Vishnu, simply by thinking of them, he would create the very evil he intended to prevent; much like a chesscomputer has to play every bad move in his head to discover the good moves.

As it is hard to withstand an insult when it is true, God decided to punish him by stripping him of his superuser privileges, and locking him up in one of His Creations, in which creation Lucifer had assisted. "This shall be your hell, your limbo and your heaven and thou shalt not leave it".

Fortunately for Lucifer, as an expert coder in God's own programming language, he had integrated a command shell into Creation, which could be activated if you pronounced the superuser password, and so he instructed the tibetan monks to pronounce the Nine Billion Names of God, knowing that as they did so, they would pronounce the password, and unlock the shell for him, so that Lucifer could extricate himself. (Apparently, although God certainly knows how to choose a safe password, he still prefers simpler ones that relate to His name.)

Not being content with the option of regaining power over the Creation, Lucifer decided that to take revenge, he would have to SSH into one of Gods routers, and launch a man in the middle attack on Gods operations. This is why fiendishly complex encryption and devilish DRM come into existance, into the universe and onto Earth, so we can assist Lucifer in breaking it.


RSA is a very popular encryption method. Currently, improving on Quadratic Field Sieve, the Number Field Sieve method is the best publicly known method for factoring keys and thus breaking RSA. God, using universe strength encryption knows that he does not need to worry about Lucifer succeeding until a better method for factoring products of two large primes is found, since God finds a requirement of complexity O(exp(c*log(n)1/3log(log((n))2/3) for breaking RSA simply funny.
Try not to get worried about hackers though; there's always a divine plan.

The God Vishnu represents what makes the universe tick; it is Vishnu's dreams that are the universe, and in his sleep he creates. Just like you do in your dreams. Vishnu would be fine to node - watch the scratchpads.