I was a very big fan of her books when I was younger. My mum and dad read most of the Moomintroll books to me when I was a child. Later I've read a few of her short stories in school, but didn't really find them interesting. Somehow girls tend to like them more (yessss... there are exceptions.... I'm sure of that).

Tove Jansson apperently was a lesbian and that explains, why she never married. There was some talk in Finland, about her chances of getting a Nobel Prize, but now after her death does talks can be stop (atleast to my knowledge Nobels are only given to alive people, but I may be wrong), which is a pitty because she really would have deserved more recognition for her work. Her books are strangely connected with the Real World. Comet in Moominland is especially intresting and pretty much sums up the fear felt by most of the world's population during the Cold War.

It feel bad when all your old and new favorite writers die. First Adams then this... Not a good year

Just have to make sure nobody sues me on this: I'm not completely sure about her sexual orientation, not that it really is our business anyway ...