A few interesting pieces of trivia for you to enjoy:

  • The ending in the script was different from the one in the film, and indeed a different ending was also filmed. The details are a little sketchy, but the people in the famous War Room threw cream pies at each other. The air was full of cream. This exchange of pies was a clear symbol of the missiles flying in the air from and toward the US.
  • The famous "riding the bomb" scene was not planned, but was added during the shooting.
  • The film was going to be premiered on November 22, 1963, but something unexpected happened: Kennedy was shot. The film premiere date was pushed ahead, and a scene where the pilots go through their survival kits (including condoms and vitamins) and the commander of the plane says, "A fella could have a fun time with these in Dallas" was dubbed to "A fella could have a fun time with these in Vegas." The lips of the actor are clearly out of sync.
  • The actor (George C. Scott) playing the general in the War Room was known to be quite a rough and "tough boy." He had a lot of fights in previous movies, etc. Kubrik, however, "tamed" him by playing chess with him. Kubrik was a pretty good player, so Scott pondered his moves for hours and then Kubrik would walk over and move in less than a minute. Surprisingly (for some, maybe), Kubrik almost always won.