The Löwenbräu brewery is based in Munich, in the Löwengrube ("Lion's Den"), and has been brewing since at least the 16th century. It has been the largest brewery in the city since the 19th century and makes, alongside its flagship lager "Löwenbräu Original", nine other beers for the German market:

Three wheat beers - "Hefe Weissbier", "Schwarze Weisse" and "Kristallweizen"
A pilsner - "Premium Pils"
A non-alcoholic beer - "Alkoholfrei"
A shandy - "Radler"
Two dark lagers - "Triumphator" and "Dunkel"
Plus the self-explanatory "Oktoberfestbier".

The Löwenbräu brewery is a part of Munich's tradition and today is involved with the local community in ways such as sport sponsorship and its great contribution to the Oktoberfest.