It can be really hard to be out of work and really trying to find a job.

I've got a young daughter, and when my wife was pregnant with our son I was jobless. I had just moved back from Okinawa, Japan, and I had no real experiance as a geek and no education to speak of. My wife's salary wouldn't cover our rent and food so I really needed to find a decent job in a hurry.

I needed a full time job just to pay for child care expenses, and I would need a good job to pay for daycare for the baby. There was no question of my wife quitting her job. Not only could we not afford to lose her income, but she is under contract as well.

I was extremely depressed after two weeks of sending out four or five resumes a day and getting no response. I was even more depressed after not getting called back after two interviews. Worse yet were the interviews with what turned out to be temp agencies. I just wanted a job.

I was very close to being forced to work nights at UPS or something just to pay bills and feed the family.

I finally got picked up at a sweet job, but for a while I was in desperate need of anti-depressants. My wife and I almost separated because of the constant arguments about money.

Seeking a job is asking for rejection. It sucks no matter how you look at it. Every resume that doesn't land a job is someone saying that you aren't good enough. Even though you know a lot of positions are filled before the add goes out, it still sucks.

It will be better though.