1. When I first learned CFML I wrote a ColdFusion virus.
When run, it would recurse the drive of the machine it was on and convert all .htm and .cfm (coldfusion) files to copies of itself. Of course, the only way for it to replicate would be to click a link on a system you have access to... Thank god for back up tapes. (It was an accident. I clicked the wrong link. I swear.)

2. Around the same time I wrote a JenniCam bot. It downloaded Jenni's current picture and saved it with a timestamped filename, every fifteen minutes. I let it run for a little more than two weeks. I got nearly 1500 consecutive pictures of Jenni, thoughout her life.
That sounds pretty cool until you think about how much time she spends sleeping, out of camera, etc. So, of 1500 images, about 4 were worth keeping.

Viva la geek.