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Today was the Monday of Labor Day. I did nothing again today. I did go to the store, for Coca-Cola and Q-tips, but that's about it.
I spent all day in #everything again, talking with the regulars... We would really like to see you there, too, so drop in anytime.


  • I am sorry to hear of WonkoDSane's loss. Please send him your condolences.
  • I am worried about (darsi). I hope she will be ok.
  • I talked to FirstGeek via messages some today. He sounds like a really cool guy, and I am glad he is a part of the collective.
  • Kit Lo made me proud to call him a friend today. I feel like such an ass knowing that I would never have done what he did. You are a good man, Kit.
I also watched a newbie, MrWedneday, get berated and tortured in the Chatterbox today. I helped. I think we all need to make sure that the newbies know one thing: They are not special. If you are new here, don't think that we are out to get you, or that we hate you, or that we try to keep away outsiders. In fact, some of our best users are newbies: I learned today that there are people here much older than I. I find this to be simply amazing. Please lay some wisdom down upons us kids.

I am drinking a lot more recently. I mean, a lot. My average last year was about two drinks a month... I am drinking more than that a day now. It isn't helping my depression at all, but no one really cares, I don't think.