The American Episcopal Church is meeting and voting on whether they will accept and support gay marriages. I saw this story on CNN headline news this morning as I was getting ready to go to work.

This is news in America because most Christian institutions are opposed to homosexuality in general, and vehemently opposed to giving legal rights to same sex partners. Unfortunately, in America, the church is able to implicity control the government and can force the whole country to bow to its whim.

Why the fuck should I care what the Episcopal Church says about gay marriage? Who cares if Billy Graham is against same sex unions? What is their logical argument against it?

The bible says it is wrong.

That's it. The bible says it is wrong. These people are screwing with the whole country because they think their religion demands it.

People, America is not a theocracy. There is a consititutional separation between the government and organized religion. Your religion is not allowed to make political decisions. You can not tell other people what to do based on your religion or your holy books.

This is the only argument being put forth by those opposed to gay marriages. The only thing they can come up with is a few quotes from their holy book, dismissing the passages that are apparently in favor of homosexual relationships.

Why? Why bother? Why not just let those people do what they want? Why do you have to control something that doesn't affect you at all?

I have known many people in gay/lesbian monogamous relationships. Many of them were a great deal more stable than my own first marriage. Why shouldn't these people be afforded the same rights under law as the rest of us? Where does it say in your bible that fags can't file taxes jointly? Where does it say that lesbians can't apply for a marriage liscense from a courthouse just like everyone else?

America: Please don't let your ignorance ruin my wonderful country.