I disagree as strongly on this as I do anything else in my life!

This is an absurd thought, that using your car less will improve things. Why absurd? Because oil is still the cheapest form of energy we have. It is cheapest to obtain, refine, transport, and everything else invovled. Even if you and I, and everyone else, reads this and believes it, companies won't change because of the money involved.

If you want to save the world, drive as much as possible, as fast as possible, in the biggest damn car you can find.

Does that sound strange? Of course. Here is the resoning:
The reason that you don't drive a tiny electric car is because it is not economically feasible for you to do so. The car manufacturers don't make lots of electric cars because there isn't a viable market for them, so you can't by mass produces cheap, clean cars.

So, my solution? Force the issue. As gas(petrol) prices increase, fewer people will drive. When they get absurd, say $40 a gallon, no one will drive their SUV's any more, everyone will have no alternative but to either "go green" or go to public tranprotation.

There are two outcomes possible: either we come up with another way to pollute everything, or we find a way to use much more of the fuel we have, becoming much more efficient and less polluting.

Sounds reasonable, Right?