My Company likes me because I am being paid roughly half of market value for what I do.

  • My boss told me that I could order a Razer Boomslang on his company card so I didn't have to carry it around with me (I take it home and to the gaming center. I am a real geek.)
  • I have taken exactly 10 days off this year, all of which failed to make it up to HR
  • I goof off (node) as much as I want because they know I will get the job done. From home late at night if I need to.
  • My boss knows I have five and a half gigs worth of mp3's. He knows that I am running shoutcast on our Intranet. He's okay with that
  • I got a 1000 USD bonus for doing my job.
Having a job you enjoy coming to is a wonderful thing.