Ate cold cereal, but only because I woke up earlier than usual. Was late to work anyway, SO can't leave the house in less than an hour and fifteen minutes even when she puts her makeup on in the car.
It was my fault at being mad at her, too, which makes it even more stupid. She didn't know I had been late every day this week, so she had been taking her time, sleeping an extra ten minutes, etc.

I played more with ACID Music, by Sonic Foundry. It is an awesome music composing tool. I have been playing around with trance/techno tracks and they actually sound like what I try to download from the mp3 sites. I am pretty proud of myself for that.
I coded some. An "intranet survey." BFD. Another spamming script, another 8000 emails out the door.
I actually sat through four hours of meetings today about what I was supposed to be doing. Hello? I can'r do what we are jabbering about if I am sitting here patiently ignoreing you. "Why yes, that sounds like a wonderful idea! When you code it, then I will make a link to it, MMMkay? Until then you better not go to the sites of multi-million dollar companies and tell me what you like about their site." Morons.

My Wife called about half an hour before I was supposed to leave. The baby is sick, 102.2 fever. No big deal, he is just teething, but he can;t go to daycare tomorrow. My wife cooked dinner, I cleaned. It is what we usually do, but I have been letting her do the dishes while I play on the computer lately. I feel bad when I go back to the kitchen and they are all done, but she doesn't mind. I don't deserve my wife.

Night. I wasn't really in the mood and so was too sleepy to respond effectively so we get dressed and turn off the lights. She is out immediately, while I am still wide awake. After laying there for twenty minutes, holding her, I slipped away to come node my mediocre day.