Like it or not, we are a community. This is most evident in our gatherings: It is also obvious in the mentor program, and the xp system.

The Incestuous Everything phenomenon exists for a reason: We like ourselves. There are funny nodes, sad nodes, and just plain stupid nodes. But they all tell us something about the people that use the site.

Daylogs shouldn't be spurned just because they exist... I want some people to daylog every day; I like to know about their lives. I think most of us will kill for a daylog by Sensei. A lot of the daylogs are just crap, but so is a lot of the other stuff that gets posted. Some of the people here are wonderful writers, and I love reading everything they post.

We all want the things we write to be accepted. A lot of people I have talked to feel that the best part of Everything is the messages they receive complimenting a new writeup. I save mine. The votes are nice, the C!s are wonderful, but the words of my peers are sublime.

Dizzy and Katyana got married. TheBooBooKitty and (darsi) seem very interested in each other. (Update: Becca reports that her and Zaph have become pretty close...) I have had my crushes, and I am pretty sure there are people that have crushed on me. We are a group of people interested in each other, as people, as friends, and as peers. Everyone suffers when a noder leaves, whether it is time, politics, or just your everyday newbie that can't handle not being immediately adored. No man is an island.

#Everything is a mini-community; there are only a couple dozen people there full time. Several of us always have it open, some for only a few hours a day. But that connection, however tenuous it may be, further enhances our community. There are running jokes, good news, bad news, everything that makes us human. There are friends, and enemies. There are secrets, and not so secrets. We are a group of people brought together by one single thread: Everything.

My vision of everything is utopic. I want us all to be happy, merrily tapping away, writing our lives into a remote database somewhere. I want to know people. I want to feel their joy and pain with them. I want to give my heart to the people that will treat it gently. I want to love your mind, and offer mine for your pleasure.

What this means:
Write GTKY nodes, but make them worth our time. Write daylogs, but make them worth our time. Don't write for yourself... write to impress the person that thinks you are special. Write something that reflects your life, so we will know you when we meet you for the first time. Facts are fine, factual nodes are probably the most useful part of everything, but it is the personal touches that keep us here, so make them good.