Wife has to be at work a half hour early this morning, so our schedule is screwy.
Neither of us should be going in, we are probably both still contagious. She has to, by law, and I am too far behind to dawdle around here at home another day.

Planning to reverse engineer Quicken or something like it for the web so I can do my own finances over the internet. I should be able to do a pretty cool finance trracker in ColdFusion within the next week or so. Then I need DSL and a server to run it on...

I made level four last night. I am already past the level five requirments for xp. I guess now it is time to perform my Everything Journyman Project. Whatever that is.

I love my Job!
"Paychecks and Doughnuts" day.
I am so far behind at work I don't even feel like starting. There were some things due back on Wednesday that I need to publish before I can start the stuff due on Thursday... Coding on a fast schedule sucks so much.

I can't wait...