Today should be easy.
Last week I had (literally) 19 coding projects that I was working on. Ranging from esoteric automation of database stuff to web sites to the stupid intranet. I hate working on stuff that no one gets, and the intranet is used by people that don't understand computers or the web at all.

It was paralyzing. I could never figure out what I should work on. Should I bang my head against uber-important x for three hours since I don't really know how I am going to do it, or do I spew out tasks y, z, and n, which are pointless and only going to be used once or twice? Do I work on the minor changes to finished projects or complete the ones I am working on?

I couldn't do anything, because I had too much to do.
So, my boss and project manager decided that I would only have two projects per week. One for the intranet, for my boss, and one for the web, for my project leader/management trainee. When I am done with either one, I just start on something else that they assign.

Well, I am done with both for this week, and they won't give me anything more probably until next Wednesday. Today I can just coast.

Note to young everythingians:
Being an adult is not always more fun than being a kid. Most of the time it is, but sometimes you have to do really crappy things, like yelling at your children because they are doing something that could hurt them. It breaks my heart when I make my daughter cry, but I have to to shape her into a decent person.