In 2001 the rights to the Ravenloft campaign setting were obtained by Arthaus, an arm of White Wolf makers of the World of Darkness games. White Wolf produced a completely updated campaign setting. Ravenloft 3rd Ed is not run on White Wolf's famous storyteller system as used in games such as Aeon and Vampire but uses the d20 system. This should allows easy backwards compatability so you can still use all the old modules etc with just a few tweaks. Ravenloft d20 will be 100% D&D 3rd Ed compatable. It's not that hard to move your PCs over to d20, Str:15=Str15, just look up the new abilities on the tables, 'twas the work of but a moment.

All the core domains have their histories advanced to take into account the later novels and modules. Azlain the Lich Lord has returned under mysterious circumstances. Lord Soth is no longer around, as hinted in the Dragonlance novel "Dragons of Summer Flame" and "Spectre of the Black Rose" he has actually managed to escape to his home world of Krynn. Poor Krynn.