Whilst I sympathise with many of the ideals of Political Correctness and believe that up to a point it is required (sex discrimination, race discrimination and age discrimination discrimination laws are all things I approve of), I think the "movement" seems to be a little confused. What is its ultimate goal? To a certain extent, I think it seems to desire the homogenisation of all people's external attributes: he's not "a Canadian idiot", he's "an idiot"; he's not "a romantic Italian", but "a romantic". That's got something to be said for it. However, at the same time, the movement seems to emphasise the differences between individuals; positive discrimination laws for instance, or the presentation of rustic cultures over urban ones, or the notion of cultural guilt (that is, guilt for the historical actions of one's culture, a ludicrous concept).

Equally, it's a flawed concept to consider that external attributes have no influence on internal ones. Whilst the colour of someone's skin may not influence their personality, their cultural origins will. For instance, some would assert that the culture of the Indian subcontinent is very much one of "you get out of life and society what you put in", which explains the high success rate in terms of careers of India and Pakistan immigrants. The same with Japan culture.