I don't know about YOU guys, but whenever I shoot my rail gun from either the moon or an orbital satelite I have the problem of the round burning up and being greatly deflected by the atmosphere. It seems that objects traveling at extreme velocities cause a lot of friction with all the air that surrounds the Earth, which causes them to burn up. Even when they DO make it to Earth, they've been deflected by the atmosphere so much that I don't know WHERE they're gonna hit, but it certainly isn't ever the spot I aimed for. I've given up on the rail gun idea; after spending all the billions of dollars on getting it constructed and placed on the moon (and on an orbital satelite) it occurred to me that I don't actually have to PROPEL an object at high speed, since the earth's gravity will pull it down faster than is neccesary anyway. Now I'm directing all my energy into a computer that can calculate where an object with a degrading orbit will land, so I can drop things on people from the moon (or my satelite in orbit).