Damn, it's been so long since I've daylogged, I almost forget how...

Just let the words flow from the brain to the finger, that's how we sing the daylog song

Things are finally starting to make sense. My golf swing is back, my love life is at a point where worries no longer exist. My job, although still an easy job, is less demotivating than it once was. And my direction in life has become clear.

Make sure you think slow and let the day linger, that's how we sing the daylog song

For awhile there, I felt so detached, so distant from myself and those in my life. Failure will do that to you. I began to think, to feel differently, and for once there was a sense of urgency. "You're watching your life pass you by," said the neural cortex to the lazy boy. "Oh lazy boy, it's time to grow up."

Events and places and people and time, that's how we sing the daylog song

I'm a fortunate person to be surrounded by such inspiration. It's a shame it took so long to see it, let alone to use it as a muse. Regardless, I now know what it takes, what I have to do to be me again, to look forward to the future not only in awe, but certainty. Thank you, whoever helped me see that.

I bet you wonder how I got this to rhyme, cause I like singing the daylog song!

Thank you.