I spent a summer in Dublin, Ireland several years ago with my best friend from high school. We spent our first month travelling about the railways to the local towns, and Cork was our first stop. We heard that Blarney castle was a great tourist attraction, and we both had loved castles and fantasy themes in our younger days, so we headed over to Blarney.

After a short trip, we arrived at Blarney castle. The grounds are huge, and some of the areas are very beautiful, with lush flora and plenty of weeping willows draping small waterfalls and stagnant pools. We spent some time taking pictures, and went into the castle. We noticed the line leading up to the Blarney Stone. It was quite long, but we shrugged our shoulders and stepped into the back of the line.

After almost 30 minutes, we were almost at the stone itself. I was talking to my friend and taking pictures of the inner court when we noticed some girls laughing behind us. They weren't in line; they seemed to be staff or something. Our curiosity got the best of us, as they were pointing at the people lying down, kissing the stone. Each time someone layed down to kiss the stone, the four girls giggled and stared.

I was obviously intrigued, so I turned and asked them what was so funny.

"Some of our boyfriends work here."

I stared blankly. "So?"

One of them reached into her purse, and pulled out a photo of her boyfriend and another guy...pissing on the Blarney Stone.

We got out of line.