Well it seemed that the world was slightly out of sync all day. A series of unconnected but bizarre events occured which were reminiscent of Mulholland Drive in their total randomness. The only way I can think to deal with it all is chronologically.

There was a general studies exam. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Event number one. Colin Hargreaves, exiting the sports block, punched the glass porthole in the door and smashed it to smithereens with his bare fist. Then he ran off. The glass was amazing.

Event number two happened in The Orange Tree. I was returning from the bar. Sam drove off in his car with a total stranger. A scallyish man of about 30. Total randomer. Don't understand.

Event number three, which took place somewhere on a field somewhere near Sneyd. Sam was taking Olivia home, so Babs and I were lying on the grass, kissing. We stopped and I looked up to find a group of three little boys in school uniform sat nearby, watching us. "Hey, don't mind us!" ..."It's good entertainment, this is!". We laughed and told them to shut up. Then we needed a lighter. So Babs shouted at them "You haven't got a light, have you?" as a joke. They looked blank. Then moments later, this old woman stepped out of her house somewhere beyond the boys and shouted "A light you want, is it?" Then she disappeared again and reappeared with a lighter, which Babs went to use. Whilst he was there she told him about the rats in the brook. Totally random.

Then we went to Babs's house. Had some food, met his mum and sister. Then decided to go for a walk. Opened the back gate. Got stabbed by a rusty nail. Got carried over nettle patch but stung by them nevertheless. After having walek about 10 metres towards the field at the back of his house, I went flying. Twisted my ankle and bowled down the hill. Hysterics and tears ensued.

The next one is a little rude. Helen: "What's that?", Babs: "It's my nob!". I thought my hand was elsewhere as I couldn't see it. I am not a lunatic. A am not. Never laughed so much. Ever.

We eventually went back in, after lying in the grass for hours. The back gate had been locked, and I had to give him a leg-up. Then we went into the lounge or whatever. "Are you alone Michael?" asked his mum. Twice. She told him he was in her bad books. They discussed and he apologised. He left the room and marched straight to the other end of the house where he curled up into a little ball with laughter. She was NAKED!!! Telling him off whilst he could see her breasts. For Fok's sake.

The final one is when Sam came to pick us up and to take me home. He was heading in the wrong direction. So he ambled over to the other (ie wrong, ie right-hand) side of the road to have a little think. He'd had twelve pints. Twelve. A car shot round the corner we were right next to. Sam accelerated and moved to the other side of the road, but only just in time.

I think that may be all. Not sure, but that's all I can think of. Anything else I remember will be added to my LiveJournal.