This is Billy Bragg's attempt at writing a children's song. Having spent a lot of time with Woody Guthrie's work recently (for the Mermaid Avenue project), Billy was inspired. Guthrie wrote scores of children's ditties in his lifetime. Bragg wanted to see if he could do the same.

The result was Baby Faroukh. Because the song is written by Billy Bragg, it is not a straightforward lullaby. The fact that the child's name is as exotic as Faroukh is a clue to Billy's views on multiculturalism. A certain forward-looking modernness is gained by this. The baby of the title, finding his feet, is 21st Century Britain.

The tune is upbeat and almost as poppy as some of the songs on Don't Try This At Home. The instruments, borrowed from world music, are also a statement on the multicultural Britain of 2002.

Standing, standing up for the first time
Baby Faroukh is here
Walking, walking all on his own
Baby Faroukh draws near

Join us now in celebration
To each child a generation

Climbing, climbing over the wall
Baby Faroukh is high
Dancing, dancing out in the hall,
Baby Faroukh can fly

Bringer of joy and tribulation
To each child a generation!

Sleeping, slaaping sound in his cot,
Baby Faroukh he glows
Plant a seed of love in my heart,
Baby Faroukh, it grows

To each woman and man a child
To each child a generation!

words: Billy Bragg, music: The Blokes