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"The busses that grandma gives me don't come equipped with wheels." - George T. Arnold, Media Writer’s Handbook, A guide to common writing and editing problems (third edition).

An outdated phrase from the 1560-70’s for kisses, plural for buss, a dialectal word for kiss (“A kiss; a rude or playful kiss; a smack.” Webster’s definition of buss), or type of boat. Verb forms include: buss, bussed, bussing.

As to not confuse the term “buses” from “busses,” in print journalism it is appropriate to use the term “buses” as the plural form with relation to motor vehicles while “busses” are kisses. (Print journalism would use more up-to-date phrases where possible, boats would likely not be referenced as busses because a “small strong vessel with two masts and two cabins used in herring fishing” (Webster’s additional definition of buss) would require such definition in the print for clarification. Also, if you go to a drive-in movie theater or a fast food restaurant and see a sign that reads “Busses welcome,” it’s very out of place and funny. Imagine, “Kisses welcome,” or better yet “Big kisses welcome…” says that it is “Possibly (a) blend of obsolete bass (akin to French baiser), obsolete cuss (akin to Middle English kissen, to kiss.) or from Scottish Gaelic bus, lips, mouth.”

She bussed her grandmother on the cheek. (Comparatively: She bused her grandmother to the grocery store).
I want to buss her so badly right now.
The couple was happily bussing down the sidewalk.
(not a proper example) Or my favorite... The bus bussed (kissed/crashed into) the bus in front.

An E2 example:
“I climbed down, we walked arm in arm to the night-links, the late night busses, there to cart the interlopers in the city back to the suburbs. waiting i ask ‘do you mind, can i kiss you?’” – Siren in First kiss. (Note the problem here, the misuse of buses is even more confusing when later in the sentence kissing is brought up.)

And just for your information I got enough busses last night to keep my heart warm today through the 34 degree morning temperature. I also have to admit that upon discussion with my European roommate that I agree with him, the term busses should be a slang term for woman's ass.