How to write a policy paper for Model United Nations:

A policy paper is a brief statement of your country’s policy on the agenda topics for your committee. You should look at issues as a member of the country’s diplomatic corps. The paper should briefly describe the background of each item, your country’s position, and the reasons supporting your position. Think: problem, cause, solution. You should write 1-2 pages per topic, or meet the standards of your particular Model United Nations tournament rules. The following is an outline to help write a position paper.

    I. Introduction:
      A. Identifies your country and the committee you’re on.
        1. We, the Russian Federation, are here to discuss with the WORLD SUMMIT on SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (WSSD).
      2. Gives your overall position on topics in order of importance to your country.
        a. First, Responsible Globalization. Second, Climate Change. Third, Access to Safe Drinking Water.
      3. Refers to your country as “we” not Russia, USA, India, etc.
        a. We believe, we etc.
    II. Body:
      A. Addresses each topic in order of importance to your country.
        Responsible Globalization, 1-2 pages.
        Climate Change, 1-2 pages.
        Access to Safe Drinking Water, 1-2 pages.
      B. Makes smooth transitions from issue to issue.
        1. Tie them together. By fixing this, the other two problems are dissolved.
    III. Topic Positions:
      A. Identify the problem and give background. (Significance? Qualitative? Quantitative?)
        1. Main elements of the problem.
        2. General positions of importance on the issues, for example, major powers, blocs, and other countries.
      B. Your country’s position on the issue. What do you see as the causes that can be fixed? (Structural barriers? Gaps? Attitudes?)
        1. Check UN sources before any other source. Look for country statements, their speeches and votes on the resolutions proposed, to determine its past position.
          a. The UN web page is very useful -
        2. Offer solutions as your country sees them.
          a. We, the Russian Delegation, believe that the discussion should be focused on the identification of optimal ways to improve the effectiveness and practical results of the activities of the existing structures of international environmental governance for all Member-States.
        3. Make sure you give credit to your sources!
      C. Reasons for your position and summary.
        1. Main reasons supporting your country’s point of view.
        2. Strongest reasons in favor of opposing positions and your points in rebuttal.

The most important thing you can do, even if your paper sucks, is to give credit where it is due. Include a proper works cited page and to use parenthetical citations in your paper. If you are in high school or even college and do not know how to do this 'very sad’, consult your teacher or Writers Inc for more help. To see an example of a works cited page, look at the bottom of my node in MUN.

Please see the following for more information regarding MUN. Brigham Young University, Model United Nations, MUN parliamentary procedure. I wrote a Resolution which passed in the (WSSD) committee, it is apart of the parliamentary procedure node. Also see January 18, 2003 and January 19, 2003 nodes for a feel of how the BYU campus and area works.