An old tale retold and illustrated by Tomie de Paola.
Caldecott Honor Book.
For Franny and Fuffy. - His two twin cousins.

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ISBN 0-590-37038-3

Copyright 1975 by Tomie dePaola. All rights reserved. This edition in published by Scholastic Inc., 730 Broadway, New York, NY 10003, by arrangement with Prentice-Hall, Inc.
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Poor example of Copyright...
Notice the name Tomie de Paola on the front of the book is spaced between “de” and “Paola,”yet in the copyright section there is no space. Now I started thinking, does this make the copyright null and void? - No, so I didn’t rip off the author and just type the entire story for a really good node. So I’m really a huge loser not some cheap loser with no life. Simpleton and Orpheum do a very nice job defining and explaining the copyright idea in the node copyright.

”Never, go near my magic cooking pot,” warned old witch Strega Nona. But does Big Anthony listen?

The entire story is about an old lady Strega Nona who is magical. Strega Nona has a magic pasta pot. By singing a special song, Strega Nona can make her pot fill with pasta. By singing another special song and by blowing three kisses Why the heck magic kisses?, Strega Nona can make her pasta pot stop making pasta. Big Anthony, Strega Nona's helper, heard Strega Nona singing and saw her pot filling with pasta. He heard Strega Nona singing another special song to make the pot stop making pasta. But, because he didn't pay attention, he didn't see her blow three kisses after singing the second song. Anthony sneaks into the kitchen and cooks up some spaghetti with the magic words he over heard from Strega. Unfortunately the magic makes the spaghetti grow and grow, but will not stop until the ending magic kisses are done. Pasta poured out of the pot, out of the house, down the road, and into the town creating a disaster. Big Anthony's punishment was to eat the pasta. The moral of the story is to not be greedy and listen to the rules - even if you don’t understand.

All information was stolen researched from the book itself, Strega Nona.