How to fix a broken toaster

Realizing that my bread no longer could be toasted, I became frustrated with my roommate’s irresponsible breaking of my girlfriend’s toaster. She gave it to me after much complaining on my part about missing my toaster back at home. I attempted to fix it.

“If you can’t fix it, we’re throwing it out the window,” roommate one said.

All I ended up doing was stripping the screws and making it impossible to function. Even though I ended up dislodging the particular problem of the jam, it would no longer heat up. The electrics were busted.

Roommate two, “Dude, he didn’t fix it,” as he started to remove the screen to the window.

Roommate three in his arabic accent, “How do you think I throw it?”

Roommate one, “Well you could toss it?”

Roommate two, “No, no, you should definitely shot-put it.”

Much laughing and agreement, “Here goes,”

The toaster missed the cars lined in the parking lot by inches, smashing to pieces in the road and sliding to the fence. Roommate one, “Okay, to the truck, lets go run it over,” and we did. I took three pictures of the situation with my cell phone. One from the window, one of the truck running it over, and one of the obliterated mess of that toaster aftermath. I then sent them to my girlfriend. Now that might have been a crazy thing to do, but roommate peer pressure and nothing on television on a none-football game night evening, caused a bunch of roommates to throw the broken toaster out the window and run it over with a really big truck multiple times. Luckily all she wanted in the end was a new toaster, and fortunately the array of people who saw us in the action didn’t know which room we were from – I hope. And hey, roommate two gave me a dollar towards the new toaster.