Michael Jackson died today at 2:26pm. He had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital and was pronounced dead there.

Michael Jackson is who you think of when you wonder what it's like to change your race, how it feels to have multiple nose jobs (see above node or this photo history timeline), who you think of when any pedophile trial begins, who South Park makes fun of for owning a backyard amusement park called Neverland Ranch, and who you impersonate when you grab yourself when you dance. Jackson is possibly the all time most famous singer in recent history, possibly due to his gimmicks. His music is classified under Pop, R&B, rock, and soul. Jackson is famous for his MTV performances like "Beat it" "Billie Jean" and my personal favorite Thriller.

Eccentric Recluse
Oh and if you're curious, Jackson lived in Neverland Ranch from 1988 to 2005. And although mention of foreclosures, sales and the like have haunted Jackson. He has worked hard to keep the ranch. I personally suspect the London gigs he is up to is how he is going to pay for it. (See below)

Jackson paid $23 million to the father of a kid that cops believe he molested. The District Courts dropped the case when the boy declined to testify beyond the civil case lawsuit.

  • Inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice.
  • Multiple Guinness World Records - holds "Most Successful Entertainer of All Time."
  • 13 Grammy Awards.
  • 13 number one singles in his solo career.
  • Sold 750 million units worldwide.

Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana and is the 7th child in his family. His family is also famous for their performances. "The group scored its first No. 1 single in 1969, with "I Want You Back." By age 11, Jackson was appearing on TV, and by age 14 he had released his first solo album. A Jackson 5 TV cartoon series appeared in the early '70s, and in 1976 the Jackson family, including sister Janet Jackson, launched a TV variety show called The Jacksons that ran for one season." (History) Jackson had his 50th birthday last year. Sony BMG released a compilation album called King of Pop to celebrate.

And while I think of Michael Jackson as a typical Las Vegas gig, he is spending most of 2009 until March of 2010 in London at the O2 Arena. Jackson is scheduled to perform 50 sell out concerts to over one million people. The first 10 concerts will generate £50 Million. His website details dates he will be performing.

There is suspicion Jackson will retire after the London concerts.