Chess club:
Today we played bughouse and normal chess games. I began my lecture about some Chess basics and other essentials to the game that needed review and to help newer people to the club. I went through a few of the opening goals; first control of center, second development, and thirdly get your king to safety ‘castle’. After teaching the newer people this we played bughouse. This game is very fun! Two players vs. two players, whereas you take a piece give it to your partner and he may drop it. Also called Drop chess. I’m the chess club president, and my vice wasn’t here today, so the games were unfortunately in my tide. We did have a lot of fun, and my club learned a lot. I wish we had a teacher to help support and run the club, we don’t. So I’m a sophomore running a club with absolutely no help, we’ve done well.

Today I went early to get math help, I had forgotten how to use this equation and it’s counterpart: A=PE^rt when it’s compounded continuously. The other equation I figured out fine on my own because I didn’t have the letter “E” in it. I had forgotten that on my TI-81 calculator there was an “E” button that stood for it. It’s like approximately .21 or so. That made my work easier. Later that day I found out my debate scores, pretty bad this time: For Foreign Extemporaneous, a third place-fifth place-fifth place. Although I’m varsity for that section, that for me is bad. Then my Spar, first place-third place-second place, which got me to semi-finals. And in my semi-final round the three judges separately rated me, third place-third place-fifth place. So I didn’t make finals, but that was the first time I ever did Spar. –This also affected me whereas I didn’t do as well in FX because of double entering. Later in the day I found out I got a hundred percent on my spelling test. In fourth period, Marketing, we played jeopardy, just a big television copy cat. Of course my team won, I picked them well. Today was fun and I learned a lot.

The Chiropractor two:
Today I went to the Chiropractor again. This time the choice of methods my doctor used was very relaxing. A electricity machine to sooth my muscles. He then pulled out this huge weird looking machine that massaged my back. It was heaven! After which he went through his routine of realigning my back. A lot of cracks, pops, and loud sounds later I was done. I felt much better, no more aching bones in my spine out of place. I asked him if my diarrhea could be linked to my therapy, he said probably not. My mom after picking me up and paying, complained how the front desk lady is a twit. She doesn’t like her... I think the desk lady’s attitude is bad, but that’s just my opinion. We then went home, on the car ride home my mom explained to me how I may have a parasite in my digestive system. Not fun! But my back feels better!