Female guppies:
I used to have a fish tank full of two hundred guppies. Time passes and nature takes its course, and fish die. I am fortunate enough to still have twenty of my fish left, but they are (ALL) female! Why did the males all die out? I really have no idea, but the concern to me is (no new babies.) It may of been two years ago when I started losing fish to the toilet, when they died, but I am not sure when it ended. I remember seeing fish being eaten by other fish, a normal thing when you have two hundred fish, but eventually I remained with twenty fish.

    Outlying factors that could of killed them:
  • Algae, and the fact I have cleaned my tank exactly three times in the eight years of ownership.
  • PH and acidic levels. (I tried tampering with it, bad idea.)
  • I don’t feed my fish more than once every three days. I do this because they eat algae, or at least the guppies do.
  • The kuhli loach (Acanthophthalmus kuhlii) may be eating all the fish in result of: it doesn’t eat aglae.

My Solution:
Buy three male guppies, hope nature takes its course, and if it doesn’t I will force them to mate. So in other words I’m a wack-o who wants two hundred fish in a twenty gallon tank, which is very hard on the tank itself. To further the chances of my revival as fish king of two hundred, I will have to clean my tank. I have also bought a Sucker Fish to rid myself of excess algae, he is already doing his job. Algae eating shrimp were also purchased to help the Sucker Fish. I also changed my filter and cleaned it out. These steps will create the solution “King wants fish.”

Hey, it’s better than having a betta (Betta splendens!)