BYU (Brigham Young University) - Model United Nations.

Today the Model United Nations kicked off a tournament at BYU, Brigham Young University. Having little sleep the previous night, and being one pissed off grumpy and mean guy, I was about ready to do some damage. I did just that with my delegation on the World Summit on Sustainable Development. My research I had done to write my policy paper, see Model United Nations ‘my node’ to read an example of this. Please also read MUN parliamentary procedure to understand what the entire tournament was running off of. The funniest thing about the tournament was that since each country is represented by a delegation of two from a high school, you don't always get fully educated people on the topic. Iraq and the U.S.A. signed a working paper together, with the same pen, with smiling faces, and expecting everyone else to agree. - We of course did not, both countries did not role play. Anyway, one fun-loving person, Whitney, decided she was going to warm me up inside the heart and I began to receive a smile. I did just that. Whitney is my partner for my delegation. She is a 4.0 student with straight H’s. One bright human being. She helped me do my best in our committee, and we did.

There are six committees. My delegation, The best, the Russian Federation from Woods Cross, placed in the top, that is - in the top of the top. We placed top three in the WSSD, and top eighteen over all out of 700. Because they don’t give specific places, it is safe to say that we got first in my committee. I only say this because we owned the entire thing. Every waking moment our name was on the Speakers’ List. Every time possible we smooched the judges. But most importantly, my working paper became a resolution. In fact, my resolution 1.1 was the only one that passed. It passed with a vote of 30 for, 22 against, and 3 abstaining. That may not be much on the positive side, but all the other resolutions sucked and got less than 30% positive. Whitney and I went home happy to have taken a paper home stating what we had partaken in and won.

Many schools go to MUN tournaments. The Utah program is ran by Mrs. Brooke Gregg, my teacher, Woods Cross high school. We only took 2nd this time at BYU, but we have taken state every year since 1995. That is really good. Our school is really fun to be apart of, it is has one of the best speech and debate classes in the state, if not the best. At least our school as a whole got more than just a silly paper stating what we won. A glass trophy, if you will.

Please see MUN parliamentary procedure, parliamentary procedure, Brigham Young University, Writing MUN Policy, and Model United Nations, to find more information about this topic. See January 18, 2002 to read about the Friday night preparing for the tournament.