My cat died tonight

Many of you have lost loved ones. Well, tonight, I lost my dear friend, the family pet cat. She used to sleep on my bed and keep me warm and now she's up in kitty heaven probably chasing tuna. So this is kind of a cat obituary for her...

Name: Rolley
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown, estimated to be at least 14 years old, could be as old as 17. That's between 73 and 85 human years. (Convert cat years to human years here.)
Death: Died on December 31st at 11:59pm.
Owners: Includes unknown first several years, my brother's ex girlfriend for middle several years, my brother's cat for 2 years, my cat for 2 and a half years, family cat last half year of life.
Colors: White/Black cow splotches.
Personality: Hated kids, cuddled for hours on end with anyone older than 16. Wasn't afraid of anything, the type of cat that only moved its ears to a sudden noise, didn't jump or move. Definitely a feet warmer cat who liked to lie on the bed as long as you were there too. She was a mouser who left seemingly three dead rodents a week on one of three door mats; we called those presents.

Final moments:
She hadn't meowed in many days, but all of a sudden while my family and I were playing games and inticipating the new year we hear a meow and all rush to her lying there on top of a towel in the kitchen by the heater. It was the most pathetic thing I've ever heard. "Me-Owwwwwww....ww....www." Within moments she was gone. It was like she was trying to say one last goodbye and I love you.

Awkward afterwards:
My dad started crying. My little brother started laughing. I started thinking about when my grandpa died on May 1st a couple years ago (Senior Ball). I couldn't hug his corpse goodbye. I swear to you it was like my family wanted to hug her corpse goodbye the way they stroked her after she died.

Cats find their way into our home:
I text my brother, "Rolley just died, dad is crying. We'll probably find a new cat by tomorrow, lol." It's not like we would get a new cat just like that, it's just that cats find a way to become our home pet randomly and anything could happen. I mean how does one acquire a cat? For us it was my brother's ex girl friend who gave us her beloved cat when her family got a dog... Sabrina, our outdoor (other) cat, was found by me in the rock wall in the front yard at less than a week's age appearing abandoned. My mother never wanted cats, but her father was also a "cat collector" as you might say. He rescued cats all the time and raised them, had up to four or five at a time. Maybe he passed that trait onto us.