I will Become

I will become myself, who does not procrastinate. I was once told, “Hold your pee and tell me procrastinating doesn’t hurt.” It rings true to anyone, because no one can seriously hold in their bowels like that. I used to find myself doing homework the night before it was due, now this is okay to an extent, but not on a usual basis. Right before a test it is good to review, but doing all the work, the couple of hours of study, between the night before and the test is just a panic mode unusefulness of time. In AP Psychology we have been studying beneficial study habits. Being habitual in study habits such as, spacing, practice over intervals of time between each session, studying right before sleep, among other practicing techniques. Interference will often occur if I procrastinate studying, or if I study instead of sleeping. By instead placing myself first, with my objective goals in sight in front of me, I will not procrastinate.

I will become myself, who sleeps eight hours each and every night, comfortably in my own bed, which I have made in the morning. Every night of sleep lost is the next day of trouble just waiting to be awakened to. Instead I will sleep every night, a good solid eight hours, which means I would go through the sleep cycle, which lasts in five stages a good 90 to 100 minutes, at least four times. REM, or Rapid Eye Movement, is so beneficial, and I don’t get enough of it. If my blankets are unraveled and not tightened to my bed, I move too much in my sleep not reaching those important REM moments. Distractions must find their own place, outside of my bed. I will take the time to rid myself of distractions, which includes my first resolution of getting rid of procrastination, allowing pleasant dreaming sleep. Every time I remember a dream - I feel so much more refreshed as if sleeping solved an unconscious or conscious problem. Who knows exactly what a dream does? I mean the other night I had a dream about blowing my girlfriend up with my mind, but when I awoke I felt pretty refreshed because I remembered a dream. I still had lacking sleep because it was kind of like a childhood nighterror, not to be confused as a nightmare. Nonetheless sleep is essential, and I will get more of it, and more of it properly. This will strengthen my bones, and make Mr. No Play and All Work turn into Mr. I Dream Because I Can.

I will become myself, who becomes a better chess player. I’m not bad as is, but I want to be able to take state in the high school tournament so I can go down to the U.S. Open, being held in Phoenix, Arizona this year, and play in the Danker. I do have competition, jmielkeway, but even this opposition can be taken care of with en passant... I went to Florida, Fort Lauderdale, last July and had a blast there for the two weeks I was on my own for the first time of my life. Chess makes me a better man. Chess has expanded my mind, my positional and tactics on life, and my opportunities. When I was working for an accounting firm in SLC, I quit the job to go work for Schoolhouse Chess, who offered me a job to teach children chess. With this program, being involved with children, I have grown extensively. It wasn’t about ME, it was about teaching hundreds of little “ME’S.” Becoming a better chess player will expand my life, and thus my happiness.