• What my family and I do for New Years Eve.

  • Taking care of my friend’s dogs.

  • My little brother is being a brat.

What my family and I do for New Years Eve.
Every year we do something different. This year we are going to throw a party for my older brother, and my Uncle Dale and Aunt Sheila are coming over as well. We are going to have a blast, that is, my family excluding my brother’s party. We will play tons and tons of games. Catan and Blitz being my favorite. We will also play all the group games you can play like Taboo and Gestures. It’s fun hanging out with my new Uncle Dale who recently married my aunt this last summer. The countdown is overrated, 10-9...8..7...3...1... Happy New Year! So what, just because the year has passed, a measly one second change, does not mean much has changed in that one second. I rather play all night with family and games, than do that countdown over and over every year. But my family and I do have fun on New Years Eve.

Taking care of my friend’s dogs.
Even though it is the holiday, some of us still have work. I don’t do this professionally, but I see money in this business. They will be gone for two days and a night. All I have to do is come over, use the key to open the door, feed and let out the dogs, and I walk away with some greens. I’m not exactly sure how much I’m getting payed... They gave me a list of times I have to come over between 2-3pm, 5-6pm, and 8-9pm, on the first day. On the second, 7:30amish, 10-11am, 2-3pm, and 5-6pm. I don’t know how long dogs need to be let out into the backyard for, in fact, they didn’t tell me much of what to do for them. But I’ll let them out for an hour. I know where the towels are to dry them off, where the dog food is, and what door to bring them in. Unfortunately Dan Pope, my dad, was correct when he said, "It is going to snow." I will have to use the towels to dry them off because it snowed six inches. Fun, my friend lives a block away! I'll have to trudge through snow. Another problem is the dogs have to stay out for an hour, and I’m not going to stay over there for that entire time. So I’ll have to make two trips each time! Great exercise I might add. I couldn’t figure out my friends desktop codes to get onto his computer, otherwise I would stay over there for the entire hour.
Now, the funny part is I have a key to their home. I’m not an evil person but the thought probably crosses everyone’s mind. “Do I make a copy of the key?” No, I will not do that... But the thought was very intriguing. I even have another friend who can make the copy of the key for free. But no, I’m a good guy. I will do exactly what I was told to do, improvise the rest, and walk away with some cash.

My little brother is being a brat.
If anyone has a little brother or sister, they will understand this next paragraph. My little brother at the age of 9, is a devil child. My mother obviously wasn’t thinking smart lately and decided to let my brother over the big long break have three sleep overs in a row. That is three nights where the kid gets no sleep. Wow, that is bad. A 9 year-old with no sleep is about as bad as a 1 year old with a diarrhea dirty diaper that hasn’t been changed for an hour. Today we were cleaning up after Christmas and the kid throws the biggest tantrum I’ve ever seen a kid throw. My mother about slapped him but kept her cool. He was crying and throwing things and he was sent to his room. He later cleaned up all of his toys, and complained. I was trying to take a picture of my stuff ‘the annual tradition’ and he wouldn’t get out of the view of the camera. I pushed him away eventually and got the picture taken. Looking to find a piece of paper for my mother, which was a 10$ rebate on a game Chess Master, I was looking through all the papers from newly opened games. My little brother became furious that I would touch his beloved papers and began throwing another tantrum. Let this be evidence that a 9 year-old has no right to have a sleep over more than one night in a row, let alone three.