• Getting rid of a pesky cat.

  • Finding out one of my two hundred fish died.

  • Watching the Fox Network.

Getting rid of a pesky cat.
I have two outdoor cats. One is an abandoned runt of the litter cat, and the other is a cow colored old lazy cat. But a third cat seems to be making its way into my garage and eating the cat food. Two years ago it was a skunk, who we by accident trapped in the garage and it let its scent go... But now it’s a stray cat who I call Pinky. I’m sure it’s a female, because my cats hate males and won’t go near them. But this cat won’t go near humans. She lives off of cat food from garage to garage. Yesterday I saw her coming up the driveway from my higher-story window, I tapped the window and got her attention; this didn’t matter and she went in the garage anyway. I ran down to the garage, jumped out at her and she ran for the dickens. Today she attempted to get in my garage again, and she made it right under the garage door which is left eight inches high for cats to go through. She fell asleep in a box next to the cat food, and slept, that is until I opened the garage door and saw her. I attempted to get close, she woke up, hissed and ran. Unfortunately she was paying attention to me and not where she was running. She hit a bike square in the head and knocked herself out. I walked over to see if she was dead and she got back up hissed some more and ran for her life. This cat is getting annoying because if she won’t let us pet her she doesn’t deserve our food.

Finding out one of my two hundred fish died.
I look into my fish tank every morning and every night to feed them. I find a clump of dead bloated fish floating at the top. Oh no poor Fred has died. The other fish were eating the dead carcass. I removed the carcass and flushed him down the toilet. I then sang a song to his dedication. “And another one bites the dust.” I went back to the tank to finish feeding the fish. They weren’t hungry, not after eating poor Fred! I hope someday I will meet Fred again in heaven. But until then, long live the rest of my fish!

Watching the Fox Network.
The Fox Network, channel thirteen for me, is probably the most watched in my home. I watch it mostly because of The Simpsons, but since I have Satellite and my television is hooked up to the one upstairs I can only control if I go get the changer. I’m lazy, so I don’t. Thus when the Satellite is on the only channels I get are one, the channel of Satellite, and two, channel Fox 13. I watched this channel all day long today, I noticed a total of five different judge shows, of which three of them aired twice. That is pathetic and sad. From divorces to disputes about cars, and who loaned who money and who should pay who, I am sad. It is pathetic that people watch this stuff, that the people who agree to put their cases on the air, and why there is that much of it on television. After watching these judge shows for a very long time, it was finally 4:30pm and King of the Hill came on. I’m saved, but not completely. This show is also pathetic. Today Bobby and “Propaniacs.” For heavens sake. So the only worth while is Simpsons, and it is kind of getting destroyed because of new episode ideas. They blow. But the old classics are still worth watching, and I’ll keep watching.