Backwards Underwear and Two Ticked Off Toes

I wore my underwear backwards yesterday, and it may be the reason for my change of fate...

Toe One:
I finally decided to put together that entertainment television furniture stand, that comes with book shelves, drawers, and a place for my x-box, television, and dvd player. It took me two hours, putting together plywood A to B and etc. Finally I had it all together, with the final nails in place (as in impossible to pull apart again), and I realize I put one shelf on backwards. So much for those notching holes to hold up the books. I figured I’d not care too much and figure out a solution to that later. I pulled the heavy lugging item through my door frame without harming anything, except my left big toe. I removed enough skin that it would have needed stitches, if there was any skin to stitch back together. It bled considerably for about an hour off and on, as I’d move it. My brain wasn’t thinking straight, because the circulation was cut off down below - yet seemingly made it to my toe still.

Cleaning and Photographs:
I cleaned all of yesterday, the family party for my dad’s side was today, and I had to vacuum the whole house, bring chairs and tables up, and do whatever my parents wanted. I did so willingly, as I’ve been able to have more flexible communications with my parents lately. My dad instructed me to go to Inkley’s to get some special photographs of my girlfriend and me printed out. I did so, getting doubles of 8x10, black and white 5x7, 3x5. I had matching frames and everything already. I hope they turn out because I spent a lot of time in that project. The price wasn’t too bad too, picking them up before New Year’s Eve. I also shopped at Smith’s for groceries for the family party and New Year’s Eve, where I’ll be throwing my bash with all my friends.

Toe Two:
Somehow my girlfriend’s parents were convinced to finally let us see each other since Christmas day. I was with one of my best guy friends, who I’d spent practically no time with during the month of December because of Madrigals gigs every day. She didn’t really want to see him, they never really got along - but he came any way when she called me saying, “My mom says it okay if you come over and stay till 11pm, but my younger sister (age 14) has to baby sit us.” I rented two movies, Jet Li Hero, a Chinese five star movie with subtitles (I loved it), and Secret Window. We watched Hero, because no one else but me wanted to watch Secret Window. (I’m a romantic, but found Hero a great romance too). Any way, the movie wasn’t that long so we had some “time on our hands.” Somehow I ended up wrestling with my girlfriend, and I smashed my right big toe seemingly shattering the fragments of the toe nail. I could almost not push on the accelerator with my root foot, it was blazing hot and hurt like Hades.

Backwards Underwear:
While at my girlfriends house, during the wrestling I was pretty sure that my pride was hurt, or bruised at least. I went to the restroom to check, it was sure enough, but upon inspection I noticed my underwear was on backwards! I came out of the bathroom smiling and almost crying of laughter - and her little sister takes one look at me and glaringly says, “Do I need to get the plunger?” I took no offense to this, asked everyone in the room to not laugh, but went to my girlfriends ear whispering, “My underwear is on backwards.” She then went to tears laughing, (She works in the woman’s section of a shopping mall anchor store), and my guy friend starts randomly talking about man thongs. He didn’t know yet, but my girlfriend asks him for the color and further description of my man thong. He does, pink, upon other identifications. We told the other two people in the room finally, and all started laughing all over.

I do think that when I put those on this morning, I changed my fate for a day. I suggest anyone who wants to despite normality to do the same. Do not go as far as Kramer and go commando though.