The Mirror’s Reflection

I had a different Christmas this year, at least in comparison to all those other years, it was different. I gave gifts that often could not be held, often could only be felt, gifts that were perhaps harder to give, and harder to receive. “The spirit of giving is infectious; even if we do not have a religious connection with the holiday, the cheerful and charitable attitude seems to crackle through the air,” My English teacher told me on the last day of class before the break. Well I had been thinking before that, that I had more money this year to spend than ever before, and it wouldn’t be that hard for me to do that either. Instead I chose to work to give, instead of pulling out my checkbook, credit card, and waded up cash. I gave time. I would like to write upon time given to my grandmother.

Time. It means different things to many different people. To me it means commitment of my mind to give my attention to a specific task, or person in this case. I enjoy a good game of chess, cribbage, and other board or card games. I don’t play them often though, with my hectic life. Madrigal performances during the month of December were most of my life. I still found time. I found time to give to my grandmother on my father’s side. We played cribbage together. I’m the only person she ever loses to, and I mean that in a way that she has a challenge from me, which is why she enjoys playing it with me so much. I give her joy that her grandson has learned something in life, and has used it to my advantage.

With time spent, in a newly found art, with no hurry, no busy or hurriedness involved, I gave my time to my grandmother and others. No package necessary. Just a smile on the face, and I have to take off my watch wrist band. No temptation to watch those clock hands, counting the service hours I can put on my resume. Just simple time, given from me.