The evil Milk Stain

I was sitting in my computer chair reading A Prayer for Owen Meany (A great book might I add), and then it hit me that I was hungry. So I stood up and took a step to the left and knocked over my glass of milk! I was really frustrated because it spilled on my fairly brand new carpet in a five inches radius!

Deciding that it was necessary to quickly clean up this mess - I grabbed the first handy or closest item, a pair of used socks. I got the apparent milky substance out of the carpet within a few seconds, but my mom has taught me that any spill needs serious cleaning. I didn't have any carpet cleaner like Spot Shot or anything like that - nor did I need one! Water is a solvent.

I poured water around the contaminated spot and immediately the milky substance was apparent. I think if you mix water and milk, milk will rise to the top. I take this observation based on my carpet incident, as when I poured the water on the carpet the milk rose to the top. This of course made the cleaning job far easier, finishing with a more appropriate couple of Kleenex tissues.

Deciding that there was one more thing I could to "double check" that the carpet was clean, I let my cat indoors. Her name is Rolley - I may have written about her before, and she is definitely one of those cats with a personality. She's a pretty old cat, sometimes we call her the prehistoric cat... Any way she is also mischievous - liking to get into human food and what not. So I let her in my room and she immediately ran to the spot in question (She smelled milk), and took a couple of sniffs. Sniffing for about twelve seconds - the average investigation of a cat, she did not lick the carpet. I took this as a success and thanked my cat by picking her up and coddling her closely. I know this sounds like one of those Cat Tails... but that’s how I got The Milk Stain out.