Yawn, another great awakening day. 6:45am, not too hard to get up at, and just enough time to eat and get to school. This morning I had to speak with Mrs. Gregg, the debate teacher, about whether or not Whitney would be okey participating in the BYU Model United Nations project. She said yes, but wouldn’t be working with me. After Whitney complained to me, and I gave her sympathy, we hugged and departed.

School classes, B-schedule
I went my basketball condition class, 5th period. Our school had a game today and we were not weight lifting but instead shooting hoops. It has been so long, three weeks, since I picked up a ball. I was the last person to be cut from the team, after discussing with the coach how I preferred to achieve my academic future before b-ball and finding out I wouldn’t get too much playing time. I got my shot back up and squared, and actually got a sweat.

Honors Biology 6th period class with Mr. Orme, that guy is such a fruit. Bill Nye the science guy could compare to how weird he is. The things he does in class... He one day, when we briefly went up over the sexual anatomy of humans, gave us his live representation of sex with his hands in the air. Enough said there... The guy is a fruit.

Pre. Calc mathematics 7th period with Mrs. Ratz, I always learn something here. She is probably the grouchiest teacher I have, this was a challenge that I began to break on day one. By the end of first term, we were on friendly and inviting smiles. After learning about her family and sharing myself to her, she wasn’t such a bad teacher after all, a lesson I guess is good to learn about every teacher. We finished the section of Trig today, and the test is in two days.

. Cafeteria Lunch
Lunch today we had a senate meeting, Liz Jessop, the SBO who runs it, is really good friends with me. I’m the only sophomore on the senate, representing the chess club. I can’t believe that my companions, (aka other sophomores), didn’t get involved in any clubs. The meeting went by quick, we discussed the Sub For Santa thing for the homeless. We did two hundred and five kids, the clubs I had totaled together twenty or so of those. I had to pull out the wallet to help out, something note worthy that I will do occasionally.

Last class
Seminary 8th period, I got my religious high, and got a good laugh because my teacher is funny.

After school club
Chess club meets after school every Tuesday in our cafeteria. We had a blast, and only seven people came. We played some of the wild variants such as Bughouse, Loser’s, and Atomic. My group only knew Bughouse so I had to teach them the other two, which they picked up quickly and by the end of the two hours could beat me every so often. I went to the booster club a month ago to get money for our chess club, to buy boards and clocks, 250$ in total, and they don’t even like using the clocks. Oh-well I guess, at least we got really nice roll up boards with algebraic notation now.

My grandma is in the hospital today, she got a hernia and some other medical surgery done today. She is leaving a month or two to leave with my grandpa to go to Samoa, a hot humid country I’m sure everyone knows about. They’ll stay there for 2-3 years, and I’ll miss them. They will serve an LDS mission. She was on the morphine and drugs, and it was obvious. She said hello, asked me how I was doing, and I had a good conversation with her. I love my grandma, and grandpa.

Unfortunately while at the hospital my glasses lost its screw and the glass fell, we went to the eye doctor’s and got it fixed and replaced. I also noticed they switched the lenses, I had put them on the wrong sides!!! Lol...

Home at last
I got home, and quickly went to the bathroom to relieve myself. Then got some ham and yogurt, which was very yummy and I ate up. Then I went down stairs to my room, got on my computer, and wrote on this diary. I can now relax and do my AP Euro/Math homework and play the old N64. What a great day.