Dane Cook has the most popular modern observational comedy available. Proof being his Retaliation comedy album, which upon release became the highest charting comedy album in 28 years, going double platinum. Cook took initiative on MySpace, garnering over 2.4 million friends, and has a voice blog getting thousands of plays per day.
”What did you do on the weekend?”

“Oh I got abducted by aliens.”
- Dane Cook

Stage presence is an understatement

His comedy is slow paced and methodical. Dane Cook tells stories, and most are probably true. Some might think he says things that may not have socially acceptable even five, ten years ago. One of his HBO specials, Vicious Circle, where he was in an arena of sorts, he told his funniest joke that night about how he cheated on his girlfriend.

Listen to one of Dane Cook’s standups. Stop. Then turn on that same standup but watch it this time. Proof of why Dane Cook has stage prowl, and possibly proof of why Comedians feel like he lacks material. Horton Hears a Who! might be his only exception, if you’re into cute cartoon humor.

Casual attitude

Cook’s on stage personality is likely identical to his “real life” personality. Residents who lived in his own apartment have complained about how rude he is, (he used to refuse to clean up his dog’s doo doo.) Critics have called Cook “unfunny” and “lacking material.” Audience and critics alike notice the “inflated ego” – but that’s exactly why he has such a niche on his audience. Andy Kindler loves to point out Cook’s stage mannerisms, such as his excessive pacing and exaggerated enunciation. But again, it’s not his jokes that are funny, it’s his audience participation and presentation. Those same things critics critique is exactly why he is popular. Oddly enough, Cook’s movie roles are nothing like his acts. Employee of the Month might be the closest to it. But his presentation in Mr. Brooks, where he wets himself, features him as a wuss. Other films he has starred in include Good Luck Chuck, and Dan in Real Life. None of these movies grossed more than 12 million dollars opening in American theaters – but that’s still impressive considering.


One night I did a bit on stage about 5 years ago at the Laugh Factory. I was talking about how the finger is lame now and it's lost its pizzazz. I said I wanted to upgrade the finger and so from now on people should use both the ring finger coupled with the middle finger. I called it the SUperFInger (or SU-FI)

Dane Cook sure loves the F-bomb.

Yuk-Yuks controversy

July 24, 2006. Cook's arrogance is portrayed best here. "Cook asked for a guest spot at the Vancouver Yuk-Yuks comedy club. Initially he was set to go up at the end of the night, but upon arriving at the club he requested to go up before the headliner, Peter Kelamis. Cook went over his allotted time, and after several minutes of the "wrap it up" light flashing, the club cut his microphone and attempted to "play him off" with music. Cook acted as though it was a mistake and continued his set for another five minutes until the process was repeated. Cook then dropped the mic and walked off-stage, furious. Kelamis then refused to take the stage, and later referred to Cook's actions as "the most arrogant thing that I've ever seen in my life"." (Wikipedia)

Dane Cook's favorite home cooked meal is Goulash. Sadly that was the most entertaining FAQ post on his entire web page.

Cook’s acts.
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