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The Everything2 Podcast was an expriment lasting 2 years that attempted to convert the vast and beautiful collection of outstanding poetry and prose into a different medium that ultimately failed due to the inertia of the userbase.

Below are the original introduction into the project and all podcasts to download and enjoy.


Taking nodes into a new medium...

Good day all,

today sees the release (or upload to its [server]) of the first Everything2 Podcast. Planned as a more or less loose collection of readings of good (and not so good) nodes, this is the first test version, and I already have a good idea what can be improved, but more about that later.

Why a [podcast], I hear [Dannye] yell? Isn't it enough that we can read all the drivel that's being produced on this site? Do we now have to listen to it?

Well, of course, you don't have to. Nevertheless it is interesting how a node transforms within a new medium, without [softlinks], [insulting softlinks], [pipelinks], [hardlinks] and the [catbox] next to it. Sometimes it can actually transcend its original meaning and become a different entity all together. On the downside, you'll have to live with the weird Germano-kiwi accent of the host (me). On the other hand, you can listen to some noder love in the car or at home, and if this thing works out, why not have interviews with noders or even (gasp) [gods] or (wheee) [Amnesiac]?.

A crucial part of the podcast will be your input: If you have a particular node that you love (be it by yourself or by somebody else), why not record it? I am happy to broadcast all of your contributions, as long as the recording quality is good enough and they match the criteria stated [How to contribute to the Everything2 podcast|here].

So far I am planning to release one podcast every other week on tuesday morning New Zealand time (as this is my day off). Hope that's convenient. All submissions should be in by then, otherwise they will be podcasted at a later date.

It could be the missing link that we've been, er, missing and could increase the, uh, jellyness of the [nodegel]. So, download them now and enjoy. RSS feeds are up again soon.

[The Everything2 Podcast], Season 3, Episode 2.

The final.


  • [Who are wise in love, love most, say least] by [Bitriot], read by [Ancientsnow]
  • [I fear that you are planning an aerodynamic mythological coup. I pray this does not interfere with our dinner plans.] by [Rancid_Pickle], read by [Lord_Brawl]
  • [Tits on a Keyboard], by [jessicapierce], performed by [DonJaime]
  • [The story of broken blood vessels] by [alyssa-cruz], read by [maxClimb]

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[The Everything2 Podcast], Episode 1, Season 3.

  • [Aurora Australis] by [Iceowl], produced magnificently by [JellyFishGreen].
  • [I sincerely hope you have one of these somewhere in your life] by [junkpile], read by [Panamaus].
  • [Katie, formerly known as Wolf] by [Prole], read by [Aerobe]
  • [We are the ghosts of the singing furies] by [Byzantine], read by [Krenseby].
  • The Everything2 Panel with [Whiskeydaemon] and [Riverrun] on [E2 as Therapy].

Downloads at []. RSS feeds are broken at the moment but will be reinstated soon.

[December 23, 2007]

[The Everything2 Podcast], Season 2, Episode 12.

With extra jingling and messages of peace and love by [Jack] and [Dann].


are a surprise.

Download now at [].

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Happy Holidays,


[The Everything2 Podcast], Season 2, Episode 11

Dedicated to [The Debutante], who had to do this six times for me (and my hardware, and my software) to finally get my act together.


  • [Hatless], by [Webster 1913], read by [Sam512]
  • [The Poet and The Worm], by [Simulacron3]
  • [What do moths do during the day?], by [Speedo], read by his excellency [Lord_Brawl]
  • Interview with [The_Debutante] (no, really!)
  • [I dedicate all my love to your hot inner beauty], by [ToasterLeavings], read by [Creases].

These things just get better and better. Direct download at []. Itunes subscriber will get it automatically.


[The Everything2 Podcast] Episode 10, Season 2

This podcast could be called [excellent and ecclectic]. I call it 'fecking brillant'.


  • [Twenty-three good things about pickles and dirt] by [junkpile], read by [Lord_Brawl] and [Graceness]
  • [I am the very model of a modern E2 editor] by [Demeter], sung by [Wiccanpiper]
  • [I hate this god damn robot] by [Artman2003], played by [Junkill] and numerous electronic effects

Available from []. Itunes or Gpodder subscribers will get it with the next update.

Good one, this one.


[September 3, 2007]

Recorded live during the ["Have you noticed that we are surrounded by Germans? Oh my god, you're right!" The quadrennial Cologne Nodermeet, Part II|second quadrennial Cologne Nodermeet], containing [hilarious obscenities|adult content]. Unfortunately, contrary to [Dimview]'s statement, there is quite a bit of background noise on the recording. Must be her.


  • [James Joyce's love letters to Nora Barnacle] by [Hazelnut], read by the author
  • [Hedgehog] by [Sloebertje], read by the author
  • [How the Earth was destroyed] by [Sam512], read by [Wntrmute], [Kohlcass] and [Dimview]
  • Thoughts on [Asking random people for wisdom] by [Kizor]

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[August 6, 2007]

[The Everything2 Podcast], Episode 8, Season 2


  • Thoughts on ["Have you noticed that we are surrounded by Germans? Oh my god, you're right!" The quadrennial Cologne Nodermeet, Part II] by [Kohlcass]
  • [Amazing what you can do with a paperclip and a snapped elastic band] by [texty], read by [Sam512]
  • [knots and ribbons at the ends of her arms] by [Angela], read by [DonJaime]
  • [Voices of Everythingians], the remix of the remix, by [srkorn]

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[July 16, 2007]

[The Everything2 Podcast], Episode 7, Season 2

It's a good one, kids.


  • [The house on the island where she was born] by [iceowl], read by [Kohlcass]
  • [Little fish are sweet] by [JohnnyGoodyear], read by [Dermot Reilly]. Or the other way around, I don't know.
  • [Fly Boy] by [Lucy-S], read by [Braunbeck]
  • [Yes, I am helloing into a box. There is an echo.] by [etouffee]
  • [welcome to role playing game] by [Igloowhite]
  • [Brad, what if I told you I belonged to a network of freedom fighters] by [Igloowhite], all read by [RoguePoet]

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[June 24, 2007]

[The Everything2 Podcast] Episode 6, Season 2.

The 'I can't get no satisfaction if you don't bloody contribute' issue.


  • [Video] by [Jack], read by himself
  • [Italo Disco] by [Waverider37], read by himself
  • [Rules that don't apply to you] by [JohnnyGoodyear], read by [Angela]

As a bonus there's the [Ninjagirls] theme tune and some real [italo disco].

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[May 10, 2007]

[The Everything2 Podcast], Season 2, Episode 5.


  • [In vino veritas] by [Halspal], read by [Kozmund]
  • [Farm auctions rip me in half], by [The Grim Reaper], read by [Lord_Brawl]
  • [Pale sickly white girl, why you no love me?], by [Mer], read by [Scribe]
  • [Land of the Free (some assembly required)], by [Johnny Goodyear], read by [Junkill]
  • [Voices of Everythingians] megamix

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[April 28, 2007]


  • [How to be an asshole] by [EvilCatullus]
  • [John Thomas Cholmondeley-Minge] by [Wertperch], read by [Wiccanpiper]
  • [Wednesday night, Henderson] by [EvilCatullus], read by [Eien_Meru]
  • [Chase scene] by [The Custodian]
  • [Two stick figures leaning towards each other, heads touching] by [Jack]

Available via [itunes] or direct download at []

[April 3, 2007]


  • [Shall I tell you stories of other stars: stars that you love, that deserve your love. Stars that do not disappoint, and disgust, and disgrace your love. Oh, I have hope they exist for your sake!] by [EvilCatullus], read by [Dimview] and [Junkill]
  • [I need to search your vehicle] by [Roninspoon], read by [Archiewood]
  • Interview with the freshest member of the editorial team, [Walter]
  • [The ultimate Zen Node] by [Roninspoon]
  • [Butterfly Soup], by Grundoon, read by the author.

This conglomeration of the mining industry, E2 and a warped brain is brought to you by itunes or direct download at []




Season 2 Episode 2


  • [Your hands do the work of 10,000 highly trained lesbian jumping beans] by [ToasterLeavings], read by [Felttips]
  • [Pave America] by [Bookreader], read by the author
  • [The Leviathan Penile Counting Machine] by [futilelord], read by the author
  • Interview with [Izubachi]
  • [Paper, and paper of color] by [Jack], read by [Angela]

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It's back.

8.3.2007 The Everything2 Podcast Season 2, Episode 1


  • [Needless to say, it is my favorite dream] by [icicle], read by [rummage]
  • [The boisterous bishop of Southwark] by [aneurin], read by [Dimview]
  • Extended interview with feature guest at chez Heisenberg, [panamaus]

Available as usual via itunes and via direct download at []

Thanks to panamaus for his stellar contribution and garlic consumption.

The first season of the E2 Podcast is now finished. The second season will start after 3 months break with new features, new nodes and the same old Heisenberg. In the future I might record the podcast nude.

Podcast Nr 12, 21.12.06


  • [Happy (SEASON) to you, (ACQUAINTANCE NAME)!] by [Quizro], read by [Spiregrain]
  • [The pwning of Judas] by [Dimview], read by [Junkill]
  • [I will REMOVE the fucking toilet seat if you don't shut up] by [Mojo], read by [The Custodian]
  • [knots and ribbons at the ends of her arms](ButterfingerMcFLurried Remix) by [Angela] , performed by [GentlemanJim]

Direct download at []

Podcast Nr 11, 6.12.06


  • [Canada Boy] [Kohlcass], read by [Iwhosawtheface]
  • [Since when did being spiritual matter? Since when did thread count matter?], by [Iwhosawtheface], read by [Kohlcass]
  • [The Price of Love] by [C-Dawg], read by the author
  • [This terrain is constantly changing, but if you look closely, you can find the patterns] by [Yossarian], read by [The Custodian]

Direct download at []

Podcast Nr 10, 21.11.06.


  • [Fritz the Cat] by [Rootbeer277], read by himself
  • [peeps cellar] by [Oakling], read by (?) herself
  • [So I soloed the Airplane] by [Wiccanpiper], read by [Wrinkly]
  • [March 9, 2003] by [Sam512], read by himself
  • [Intestine Conspiracies] by [FerreroNutella], read by [KtheJoker]

Direct download at []

Podcast Nr. 9, 7.11.06. Nodes

  • [Adven Turing] by [JohnnyGoodyear], probably read by himself
  • [Questions I would ask my born-again sister, if we were still talking] by [AudieMcCall], read by [Junkill]
  • [Homologous Series] by [Waverider37], read by himself
  • [You could be the Willow, I could be the Wind.] by [Angela], read by herself
  • [jackie boy] by [Henry Flower], read by [Bitriot]
  • [God Algorithm] by [Aphexious], read at the [Portland Nodeslam]

Direct download at []

Podcast Nr 8., 25.10.06. Nodes:

  • [novel] by [mw], read by [paraclete]
  • [nathan, this is unacceptable] by [dem bones], read by [angela]
  • [interview] with [Lord Brawl]
  • [Gone in Sixty Seconds 2005 - Theatre Quest Entries|Going to Kevin's], by [lovejoyman]

Direct download at []

Podcast Nr 7., 21.10.06. Nodes

  • [She does not know how much I need this], by [deep thought], read by [the custodian].
  • [EURion Constellation] by [Spiregrain], read by the author.
  • [Choose your words carefully; now throw them away] by [yossarian], read by [Eien_Meru]
  • [This bridge that is my back] and [Imogene], by [dannye], read by the man himself
  • [Gone in Sixty Seconds 2005 - Theatre Quest Entries|untitled], by [footprints]
  • [Cocoa Pebbles] by [generic-man]

Direct download at []

Podcast Nr 6. 13.10.06. Nodes:

  • [The future like a corpse in snow] by [sockpuppet], read by [The Custodian]
  • [God slipped away quietly, during third period physics class] by [hunt05], read by [KtheJoker]
  • [Glass Houses] by [Jack], read by the author
  • [Tales of MYSTERY and the UNEXPLAINED] by [WolfDaddy], read by [Jet-Poop]

Direct download at []

Podcast Nr 5. 26.9.2006. Nodes:

  • [Counting in Breton], read and written by [themanwho]
  • [Why is there no Moloch13] by [Moloch36], read by [Angela]
  • [How to set yourself on Fire], read and written by [SharQ]
  • [Some of our friends are three minutes long] by [etouffee], read by [Angela]
  • [The Bear FAQ] by [dpride], read by [Craze]
  • [Kevin Keegan Perm] by [mgriffithsuk]

Direct download at []

Podcast Nr 4. 21.9.06. Nodes

  • [Lost in Translation] by [Brooks Marlin], read by the author
  • [Jenga] by [TenMinJoe], read by the author
  • [ Wrap Up In Noder Love: An E2 Craft Project and Fundraiser] by [Hyphenated]
  • [ Sensei, we've got another lesbian stuck in the goddamn shredder] by [Djuxtaposition], read by [The Custodian]

Direct download link is: []

Podcast 3. 12.9.06. Nodes

  • [Geminids] by [Doyle], read by [litlebertha]
  • [Only child: Downside] by [Dannye], read by [Jet-Poop]
  • Interview with [Eien_Meru]
  • [There goes the neighborhood! 2: Unfinished Business] by [Izubachi], read by the author
  • [Things men want when they're drunk] by [Mike626]

Direct download at []

Podcast 2. 29.8.06. Nodes

  • [Titan Arum] by [Rootbeer277], read by the author
  • [August 21, 2006] by [Izubachi]
  • [I will sell you all of me; complete. Starting price, ten dollars.] by [etouffee]
  • [Insulting Softlinks] by [mblase]

Direct download at []

Podcast 1. 15.8.06. Nodes:

  • [Buying lingerie for your girlfriend - the definitive guide] by [Paraclete],
  • [January 22, 2004] by [Lovejoyman] and
  • [He said 'tentacle porn', so I stuck my dick in a toaster and went from there] by [McSey].

Direct download at []