Avoid a clash of civilizations but get a murderous hangover when britnoders and noders from the rest of the world share a tipple!

As Will rightly pointed out, there is no node for this nodermeet. Well, now there is.

The Story is quite simple: Strawberryfrog asked availability for a nodermeet in June in London, U.K., as the ever so exciting Gwenllian and her "sweetie" Strong_Bow79 from the US would be be holdin' court in that very same megalopolis.

Now, as Will flagged up on 29.5.03, the two won't make it.


Anyway, who am I to turn down an amazing opportunity like that (even without the cherished yanks present), especially as I am living half of the week in the UK anyway. Strawberryfrog promised the appearance of the britnoders and the London Booze Monkeys, so there will be plenty of time for the degustation of numerous Real Ales, white wine for the ladies and the chance to create a murderous hangover on friday morning.

5.6.03: Update! The Location has changed to The Knights Templar

  • Date: 12.6.03
  • Place: The Knights Templar, 95 Chancery Lane, London
  • Time: 19:00
  • Dresscode: formal geekish
  • Sex: No. Some of us are british

So far the following individuals have shown interest:

12.6.03: It's all over, so:

BDSM Monkey Contortionists in Medieval Booze Temple Go All Linguini!

There I was, a not so young lad in the big city of congestions and their charges, hurtling through the bowels of its immense netherregions, on the way to a mystical, medieval place called Knights Templar on the mythical Chancery Lane, in the heart of the enemies headquarters, to meet my heroes and idols, the gallant Strawberry Frog, the valiant Spiregrain, the boisterous Booyaa, the mysterious Gritchka, the elusive Catchpole, the mighty Fondue, the legendary Princess Loulou and Monkey to spend a couple of hours in their cherished company and maybe catch a glimpse of their geniality.

But enough already of the medieval talk.

After the Central Line spat me out into Holborn, I had to navigate around pin-striped ogres and, entering the Knights Templar, was dumbfounded: I was the only man not wearing a tie! I hid behind the bar with a pint of Old Bob and texted StrawberryFrog to give me a sign, and yes: a young knight (oh, sorry), er, man waved in the distance and I was saved. After about an hour the whole compliment of noders had arrived, monkey was prominently displayed on the table and fed crisps. Drinks were had, bottles of Shiraz vanished miraculously, more drinks were had, and suddenly monkey was turned into some kind of contortionist bdsm - model. I tell, ya, that Fondue.

As some of the noders were cunning artisans of linguistics, long discussions were held over the constant abuse of "like" in the English Language, but I went, like, "doh", and that was that.

Spiregrain gave us a fascinating insight into his remarkable use of German, Catchpole was able to describe the Matrix Reloaded without giving away any spoilers, StrawberryFrog entertained the table with Hula Hula Dancing (no. not really.) and Booyaa was busy scampering to the bar every 30 minutes to reload our glasses.

After 3 hours of steady drinking, I remembered that I had to work the next day and staggered out, just wake up the next morning with a murderous hangover.

Bloody nodermeets....